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Before you Switch

  This may come as a surprise for some – if you change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you lose your hosted email services from that provider. Example, if you use Charter and switch to ComSpan you no longer get to use your @charter.net email. If you switch from Frontier to another provider, you no […]
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Card Compromised

Today we are going to look at a few of the more common ways your credit or debit card number can be compromised. Skimmer – this is a device that card thieves insert into a normal looking “swipe” location. It could be at the gas station, your ATM, or any retail store you go to.  […]
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The Problem with Facebook

Ever wonder why you can’t find that post someone else swears they made? Or perhaps why your friends and family say they didn’t see yours? This was originally brought to my attention by a post from Felicia Day: “This is the reason why I don’t enjoy interacting on Facebook, in order to have my posts […]
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Windows 8 Review – and it’s not pretty

After months of frustration and speaking with other techs about Windows 8, I came across today an animated review that is spot-on with all of our angst and disgust. It is rather long, but he gets the point across.  Just avoid the farting goblins if you can. From http://www.loopinsight.com/2013/01/04/windows-8-review-the-thing-blows/      Written by Jim Dalrymple
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One Ring to Rule Them All

Imagine a day in the not-so distant future. A day where, when you walk up to your computer, it automatically logs you in. A day when you go to login to your Gmail, Newegg, bank, Amazon, and 10 other online accounts that they as well login you in with no hassle, no fuss… just open […]
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