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Is your browser protected? Websites that mimic trusted services to collect your passwords/payments often appear at the top of web results

We highly recommend the free browser extension Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help prevent threats when browsing the web.

apple vision

Apple’s Newest (Unreleased) Product Line

Apple, one of the biggest names in the tech-world has officially announced a brand new product line; a rare occurrence for the company, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) goggles of their own called the Vision Pro. Attempting to rival the companies who have been in the VR space for years! – Here’s what you need to […]
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v4 460px Move on After Windows 8.1 End of Support Step 9

Windows 8.1 Just Lost All Support. Here’s What You Need to Know

Companies both large and small share this one cybersecurity problem. They have computers that are still running older operating systems. Staff might use these devices only occasionally. Or the company may be running customized software that won’t run on newer OS versions. The problem is that when the OS becomes outdated, the system is open […]
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five signs text scam featured

Is That Really a Text from Your CEO… or Is It a Scam?

Imagine you’re going about your day when suddenly you receive a text from the CEO. The head of the company is asking for your help. They’re out doing customer visits and someone else dropped the ball in providing gift cards. The CEO needs you to buy six $200 gift cards and text the information right […]
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