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Apple’s Newest (Unreleased) Product Line

Apple, one of the biggest names in the tech-world has officially announced a brand new product line; a rare occurrence for the company, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) goggles of their own called the Vision Pro. Attempting to rival the companies who have been in the VR space for years! – Here’s what you need to know…

Over the years, Apple has released products under familiar lines such as: MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and of course, iPhone. Each coming in variants of color, processors, memory, and storage. Though, the last new product line Apple developed was back in September of 2016 with the release of “Airpods,” which had revisions and upgrades following that release with Airpods Pro, and Airpods Max.

With a bold stride from Apple, the announcement of the “Vision Pro” is a gamechanger. The California-based company dove head-first into a brand new (for Apple) tech niche. They’ve kicked off the line with a Pro model, proven by the name and the overwhelming cost of the product starting at $3,500 (outrageous). Though, this price-point isn’t totally unreasonable, Apple strives to produce as best of products as they can, the Vision Pro isn’t an exception. With a solid, sturdy metal build, comfortable strap… and far too many cameras, and sensors sticking out of every crevice, this device is done the Apple way.

While competitors such as Oculus (was Facebook, now Meta), HTC (Vive) & many others keep their prices under $2,000 – most are even priced under $600, Apple strives to be different, offsetting the price due to including more cameras and sensors rather than manufacturing remote controllers (this device is fully controlled through hand-gestures), two 4K screens (one for each eye), and when you may attempt to buy this headset, you must have a 3D scan of your facial structure. Yes, this headset will be molded to your exact face proportions. 

Apple’s headset is built well, connected into Apple’s own ecosystem with the goal of linking Facetime to the VR space, animating realistic 3D modelled faces in the most uncanny way. Apple has quietly requested iOS developers to create applications or games to be used with these goggles when the Apple Vision Pro’s eventually come out early next year (2024!) Apple has also decided to, not for budget’s sake, spend a little extra and insert an inverted screen (facing out) on the Vision Pro… this screen uses sensors pointed at your eyes to emulate your expressions ‘through’ the device. Which is surely one of the reasons this headset has a battery life (on an external battery) of around 2 hours on full-charge.

This headset can be used to call friends, take 3D videos and/or pictures to re-live as you please, watch movies, and look a little goofy in public… if you so choose.

So, if you’re interested, get ready to forfeit one of the following potential purchases for this piece of prized technology: a cheap, used car | a brand new top-notch PC | or even; a home theatre system

Be prepared! Apple Vision coming to in 2024