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Is your browser protected? Websites that mimic trusted services to collect your passwords/payments often appear at the top of web results

We highly recommend the free browser extension Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help prevent threats when browsing the web.


Of all the possible complex issues to deal with in the technology field nothing makes me falter a step forward until I hear “Something is wrong with my printer.”  Printers are the greatest bane in information technology. Usually most printing issues are resolved rather quickly by clearing a print queue, restarting the print spooler, or […]
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What you leave behind

Most of us in our day to day activities do not spend much time pondering what happens when we die. Perhaps it is due to not being exactly sure of what happens after we leave this plane of existence, or the fear of leaving loved ones behind. Regardless of why we do not think about […]
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Updates, Recalls, and More

Apple Security. Last week Apple released an important security update to the OSX operating system.  If you use a Mac, you need to get this update installed ASAP.  This follows Apple’s security update to iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) to version 9.3.5, also a security update.  If you have been telling your iOS device ‘later’ […]
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