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The Problem with Facebook

Ever wonder why you can’t find that post someone else swears they made? Or perhaps why your friends and family say they didn’t see yours? This was originally brought to my attention by a post from Felicia Day: “This is

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Have you been Targeted?

Today Target began sending out the obligatory “we’re sorry” emails to the estimated 110 million (up from the original 40 million) customers that have been affected by the security compromise in November and December 2013. A quick recap of what

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Gmail’s update – don’t panic, grab a towel.

  Google’s Gmail is set to soon (within the next day or so) begin accepting emails from… people without email accounts? No. How it works is a Google + User can now send an email to you (through Google+), and

Posted in Software, Techie news Tagged with: , malware delivered to ‘hundreds of thousands’ of visitors since Dec 30th advertising servers were compromised on or about Dec 30th, delivering to anyone that accessed the site malware (viruses, trojans, etc) using an exploit in older versions of JAVA. For more information about the malware attack: Washington Post article

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