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Security Recommendation – MalwareBytes

Due to increased malware / virus / trojan activity, and specifically some ransomeware named Cryptolocker, we are now strongly advising all clients to purchase MalwareBytes Professional for all Windows based computers that attach to your networks.

MalwareBytes Professional (at this time) is the only product that is catching and stopping this particularly hideous program.

A summary of what Cryptolocker can do: Encrypt all files on infected machine, *and all other machines on the network*, demanding a payment to release the files. There is no known method to unencrypt the files other than gambling on a payment to the person(s) that have infected the machine(s).

For more information about Cryptolocker and what it can do:

MalwareBytes Professional download site:
If you already have the free version of Malwarebytes, you can upgrade it by opening the program and clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button in the lower left hand corner.

Be safe out there.