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All too often, people of all demographics are targeted by “phishing” attempts. These are simple, yet effective attacks aimed to impersonate trusted companies and services in an effort to gain personal information like passwords and emails to gain access to such accounts. For example, confirmation emails for services that claim to have been renewed, or subscribed to that you’ve never interacted with in the way they say. Another common phishing scheme is trying to convince you to sign into an account on the basis that: verify it’s you (sign in again), or “a service will be cancelled, log in now to continue this service.” Any email with improper grammar, punctuation, etc. should alert you, anything can happen on the internet. So in an effort to minimize damages that can come from compromised passwords, and accounts from phishing attempts, especially in the workplace. We have partnered with uSecure to train you to be vigilant, and cautious with sharing sensitive information, verifying the site/email is the legitimate one, etc.

Check out uSecure below, and learn how you can protect yourself from falling victim to these schemes and much more.

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90% of data breaches involve human error, let's fix that with uSecure's courses

Simulated Attacks

uSecure offers simulated phishing attacks to keep you on your toes (harmless)

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