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Is your browser protected? Websites that mimic trusted services to collect your passwords/payments often appear at the top of web results

We highly recommend the free browser extension Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help prevent threats when browsing the web.

Online Support

If your computer can connect to the internet, remote support is the fastest service we offer. Before downloading the quick connect application below, please call us at 541-223-7745 first so that we may begin a ticket, and to make sure a technician is available to begin your remote session.

Give us a Call!

We must be on the line with you before initiating the connection.

Download the One-Click Program 

Installation isn’t necessary, just click download, once on your system, double-click to open it!

Support Session Completion

Once a technician has assessed the issue, a resolution or a request for an in-person drop-off may follow. 

Remote support is not available on mobile, please stop by for some hands-on help instead!