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Is your browser protected? Websites that mimic trusted services to collect your passwords/payments often appear at the top of web results

We highly recommend the free browser extension Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help prevent threats when browsing the web.


* YouTube made apparent: they prohibit the use of ad-blockers. Please follow the instructions below to allow ads on YouTube.

If you’d like a one-click solution to the YouTube message you may receive, the easy answer is: download a higher-power ad-blocker (Click to download uBlock Origin)

  1. Keep Malwarebytes Browser Guard pinned to your address bar. Click the puzzle icon, then click the pin icon. step 1 - click the puzzle icon
  2. Click the Malwarebytes icon to turn protection on or off at any time. mwb4
  3. You’re all set & protected on the web!
    BUT ~ You may run into issues… read below.

  4. Bandon IT (BIT) Note – Note: while primarily keeping you safe on the web, this extension also serves as an ad-blocker (hides annoying advertisements on sites). YouTube despises functions like this, so please follow the following steps. * See reasoning on the left.

  5. Click the Malwarebytes icon; at your will, check or uncheck the box, and click “Let’s go” MWB tut 1 e1698972794973
  6. The control center of the application, click the three dots in the upper right of the window then ›Allow List
    For your knowledge: if a website is bugging you to turn off an ad-blocker, this is where you’ll do that (left column).
    MWB tut 2 e1698972867109
  7. Click “Add a website”
    MWB tut 3 e1698973143669
  8. Lastly, enter “” › select “Ads / Trackers” (trackers are to improve ad-serving) › then click “Add to list”
    MWB tut 4 e1698973409972