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Is your browser protected? Websites that mimic trusted services to collect your passwords/payments often appear at the top of web results

We highly recommend the free browser extension Malwarebytes Browser Guard to help prevent threats when browsing the web.

Do you brush your teeth?

  Do you brush your teeth? Most people do. It is a standard proactive maintenance procedure that helps stave off cavities, bad breath, root canals, and a plethora of other dental maladies. Just as proactive maintenance is good for your dental hygiene it is also good for your computer.  No, you should not take a […]
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2FA – Do it and sleep better

  2FA.  It sounds like either some gaming group or military acronym however it is not. It stands for 2 Factor Authentication, and it’s what may save you from being hacked. Recently MySpace and not too long before that LinkedIn were hacked; the hackers obtained the usernames, email addresses and passwords of millions of users.  […]
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