Maintenance of your computers

Just like a car needs an oil change every 3-5k, your computer needs regular maintenance as well. Along with checking for operating system updates periodically, here are several free programs we suggest using to help keep your computer in top-notch condition.

For Windows Computers:

For Apple Computers:

For Linux Computers (Yes – they want your love too):

But what about the hardware?

  • Depending on your location, the interior of desktops should be blown out used compressed nitrogen no less than once a year.  Do not use motorized air compressors – they can spray out fine bits of moisture or oil depending on the type. Never use a vacuum cleaner, they can cause a build up of static electricity and damage internal components.
  • Use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) on all computer hardware including modems, switches, and routers; test it bi-annually when you change your batteries in your smoke detector to ensure it still works. Most UPS batteries last about three years and need to be replaced after that point.
  • Test your backup hardware! Is it backing up? Have you tried to restore any data from it?

Have any other questions on maintenance? Contact us and let us know, we’ll handle IT for you.

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