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Electronic Recycling & Data Destruction


Bandon IT offers users a one-stop shop to securely dispose of any unwanted client IT assets in compliance with NIST 800-88 standards, providing a secure, verifiable, and environmentally friendly disposition service for decommissioned assets.

E-Waste Preparation

Securely dispose of any unwanted client IT assets

    We accept (nearly) any unwanted IT asset, including servers, laptops, desktops, old modems, peripherals, and monitors.

    If data is stored, a Bandon IT technician will open your device, locate the data drive or chip, and physically destroy the circuit/platter; thus rending the data inaccessible.

    Without physical destruction, it is likely someone could get ahold of the data drive from a recycling plant, and attempt to recover data off of it. This can be catastrophic as more data than you’d expect could be scavenged from even a fully formatted, or wipe drive.

Certified Data Destruction

Protect clients, and regain your peace of mind

    Our process ensures data security through secure destruction, reuse of useful components, and responsible recycling. With Bandon IT Asset Disposal, client data is securely destroyed to NIST 800-88 standards without the need to remove drives, providing you with peace of mind at no extra cost.

    The Certificate of Disposal shows that the destruction of data was completed securely.  These certificates provide an audit trail of destruction for your records and for any third-party validation.

Assets are disposed of shortly after arriving at the facility. The estimated timeframe for receiving a certificate is 5-7 days.