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Amazon – Delivery to the Moon



Last week Amazon announced that they are slated to begin deliveries to the moon by mid 2020. What does that mean? It means they believe by that time there will be humans (or maybe robots) living there that may require products from their vast supply chain.

Over the last few years Amazon has continued to grow their global market, expanding into many other countries outside of the US. That is great news for consumers worldwide and beyond as Amazon’s buying power increases, the ability to pass on savings to us increases as well.

Not everything on Amazon is the “best deal” out there though, you do need to keep a close eye on the prices. Yes Double Stuff Oreos are less expensive there than in the local store.  But a 9oz bag of Toasted Coconut Cashews run $19.90 on Amazon, compared to only $7.99 at RiteAid.

Another method of saving with Amazon is through subscription.  Some items offer you a choice of purchasing the item once at full price, or sign up for auto delivery and receive 5% off.  You get to choose how often the item is delivered from monthly, every other month, once every 3 months, etc. You can also go back and update and change your delivery dates, as well as cancel a subscription at any time.

The subscription service gets better though. If you have 5 items signed up for the subscribe and save program that are scheduled for delivery at the same time, you receive 15% off the normal purchase price.

To see what items are available on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Store, go to, click on Account & Lists, then Your Subscribe & Save Items.  From there in the upper right hand corner of the screen you can click on the Shop the Subscribe & Save Store link. Here will be a broken down by department list of over 100,000 items that are available for subscription that you can browse through.  You can also from this page search for specific items on the search bar.

For a small example of items available, I currently have baby wipes, diapers, shampoo, conditioner, Bounce fabric softener, and Great American popcorn setup for delivery every other month.

In the fine print Amazon does have a disclaimer that the discount promotion is subject to change and could change at any time. But for now that’s an additional bit of savings I’ll take.