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Computer ‘repair’ phone scam on the rise

Over the last few years we’ve received a few phone calls here and there from clients stating that they were phoned by “Windows” “Microsoft” and even “Google” and were informed they had been scanned by their security experts, having many issues that

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Want a job relocation? Company now moving people to… MARS.

MARS. The red planet. Oh how I remember the books of Robert A. Heinlein that explored space and brought us there.  And now, science fiction once again is becoming science fact. A private company based in the Netherlands will be soon

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Windows 8 Review – and it’s not pretty

After months of frustration and speaking with other techs about Windows 8, I came across today an animated review that is spot-on with all of our angst and disgust. It is rather long, but he gets the point across.  Just

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